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Perhaps 1 3 lLJe2 or 1 3 i.. g 5 would have been better? 10 cxd5 11 �c4 c6 I nviting Black to choose the variation 1 1 . . xd5 thc6, which was known from the game Boleslavsky-Najdorf ( 1 953). e. for the worsening of his own position. b3 i.. - ;- , BOTVI N N I K - TAL ·:. - 16 lZJ -- ��=- lLlc3 --· -- 53 a6 Perhaps the losing move. The bishop at b7 is shut out of play for a long time, and, more important, White is able to carry out his idea without hindrance. Black should have played 1 6 . . b4 1 7 l2Ja4 c4 followed by .

A game i n which it occurred was given i n Grunfeld's Taschen­ buch der Eroffnungen im Schach. There 8 . . c8, after which Black's position is not worse, since the acceptance of the sacrifice (1 0 i.. xc6 :xc6 1 1 'i'xa7 'iWc8) is not without its dangers for White . All this was estab­ lished long ago, but I not u n reasonably thought that my opponents would avoid the pawn sacrifice, since White was apparently ready to go in for this variation. This assumption proved justified . . txc3 13 'iWc1 !

Xd5 the game becomes almost equal . Therefore Black's next move is forced. 28 22 tt:Ja6! Thanks to this clever move, Black retains his extra pawn . White now faces a d ifficult and, more i mportant, unpromising defence. xc6 there would have followed 23 . . xa2 with advantage to Black. 23 f4 I n a difficult position White persistently seeks the slig htest opportunities for coun­ terplay, in which he succeeds! d7 A technical slip. Much stronger was 31 . . xd5+ �xd5, when Black has every chance of winning (pointed out by Tigran Petrosian).

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