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By Ch. Raybaud, P. Michotey, W. Bank, Ph. Farnarier (auth.), Prof. Dr. G. Salamon (eds.)

A few years in the past, on the Symposium of Neuroradiology in Rome, ZIEDSES DES PLANTES made a decisive contribution to cerebral angiography with photographic subtraction. From this time on, technical advances, anatomical findings, healing assessments equivalent to embolization, improvement of stereo­ taxy, and automatic axial tomography have opened a large box for cerebral angiography. those very important findings turned the topic of a systematic assembly. the standard of the shows and the result of each one re­ port made this a best symposium. i'm very thankful to all those that contributed to make it successful. G. SALAMON Marseille, October tenth 1975 v This assembly used to be held less than the suggestions and with the monetary support of INSERM (Paris) . We additionally thank the Ministry of international Affairs college of medication in Marseille management of the medical institution in Marseille CGR, Kodak, Guerbet, Philips and Siemens for his or her fabric help. Contents half I Anatomy Angiographic-Anatomic examine of the Vascular Territories of the Cerebral Convolutions Ch. RAYBAUD, P. MICHOTEY, W. financial institution, and Ph. FARNARIER •••••. 2 Anatomic and Radiographic research of the Fissures and Sulci of the mind G. SALAMON, Ch. RAYBAUD, P. MICHOTEY, and Ph. FARNARIER . . . 10 The Cerebral Cortical Arteries B. A. RING . . . • . . . • • • • . • • . . • . . . • . . • . • • • • . . . • . . . . • . . • . • . . • . . . 25 The Anatomy of the Perforating Arteries of the Basal Ganglia H. A. KAPLAN •. . . . . . •. ••. . ••••. •. . •••. •••. . •. . . . . . ••••. . . . . .

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Within the brain. Penetration of the anterior perforate substance leaves the central branches of the middle cerebral artery within the brain. From here these arteries fan out both anteroposterio rly and transversely to trav el to their separate destinations. The classic authors distinguished lateral striate arteries o f middle cerebral origin and medial striate arteries arising not only from the middle cer e bral, but a lso from the p osterio r communicati n g a nd a nteri or choroidal arteries.

The operculum has bee n elevated, exposin g t h e insula a n d floor of the s y l vian fossa. The s uperior temp o r a l gyrus run s p o ster i o rly with a large poste r ior temporal artery crossing it, then runs medially to become the transverse gyrus of Heschl. The angular artery is seen making a pronounced hump as it crosses the most medial aspect of the gyrus, the parietal artery is seen superior to this. The a n ter i o r mid-l i ne ve sse ls, in the Engl i sh lite ra t ure , are usually c a lle d t h e anterio r cerebral but I prefe r LINDGREN' s terminology, in which the anterior cerebral is the trunk from carotid to anterior communicating, and the arteries in the inter-hemispheric fissure are the pericallosals.

The basal cell groups of the forebrain are irrigated as globular cell masses with the rostroventromedial cell groups irrigated by the medial perforating branches of the anterior cerebral arteries and caudomedial ventro central cell collections by the medial perforators of the proximal segments of the posterior cerebral arteries (posterior communicating arteries). The rostromesial cell groups of the forebrain are irrigated through branches arising from the dorsal aspect of the proximal segments of the anterior cerebral arteries extending from the internal carotid artery to the anterior communicating segment.

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