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By B. E. Murdoch

The stimulus for penning this booklet arose from the author's conception of an absence of obtainable texts which competently combine the topics of neuroanatomy and practical neurology with the perform of speech­ language pathology. This conception used to be received from nearly twenty years of training within the components of neuroanatomy and purchased neuro­ logical speech-language issues to speech pathology scholars at the start on the South Australian collage of complex schooling and, for the earlier 5 years, on the collage of Queensland. even though a plethora of good texts committed in particular to every of the topics of neuroanatomy, neurology and aphasiology were released, few have attemped to combine those person topic parts in the sort of approach as to supply a extra transparent knowing of the neurological bases of clinically famous varieties of aphasia and motor speech problems. In scripting this textual content, i've got tried to supply a greater stability among neuroanatomy-neurology and. speech-language pathology. correct parts of neuroanatomy and neurology are brought and mentioned within the context of particular speech and language problems. during this means, i've got geared toward delivering a greater hyperlink among the appropriate neuroanatomical and neurological wisdom at the one hand, and particular neurologically established communique issues at the different, for you to improve the reader's realizing of the origins, path and analysis of those problems. after all the writing of any ebook calls for the help and encouragement of different humans. this article was once no exception.

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From the fourth ventricle, the fluid escapes into the sub-arachnoid space through one of the The cerebrospinal fluid 39 three foramina mentioned above. It then circulates around the brain and spinal cord and eventually reaches the arachnoid villi, where, by a process of osmosis, it is emptied into the great venous dural sinuses, particularly the superior sagittal sinus. An obstruction to the passage of cerebrospinal fluid results in a back-up of cerebrospinal fluid and an increase in intra-cranial pressure.

Sensation from pharynx and taste from posterior one-third of tongue Vagus Pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles and levator veli palatini. Parasympathetic innervation of thoracic and upper abdominal viscera Accessory Cranial portion Joins the vagus to supply the muscles of the larynx and pharynx Spinal portion Sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles Hypoglossal All intrinsic and most extrinsic tongue muscles The peripheral nervous system 31 each other to supply both the somatic and visceral parts of the body with both afferent and efferent fibres.

Rather the spinal cord extends only from the foramen magnum to the level of the first or second lumbar vertebra. The lower-most segments of the cord are compressed into the last 2-3 em of the cord, a region known as the conus medullaris. Due to the relative shortness of the spinal cord compared with the vertebral column, the nerve roots arising from the lower segments of the cord have a marked downward direction in the lower part of the vertebral canal forming a leash of nerves known as the cauda equina (horse's tail).

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