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By C. G. Duan, V. Ia Karelin

This ebook supplies a scientific exposition of abrasive erosion and corrosion of hydraulic equipment in either conception and engineering perform, and is the 1st entire quantity to hide this region extensive.

All the $64000 matters are mentioned together with basics, calculation, research and numerical simulation of liquid–solid stream layout, erosion-resistant fabrics, interplay among cavitation and abrasive erosion, and corrosion of hydraulic equipment.

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3) The remaining portion (the central part) is subjected to deep scaly erosion. The lower rim of the runner has erosion of different nature; the inner part of the rim is subjected to the greatest erosion, especially in the regions adjacent to the blades. On the inner surface of the lower rim, near the leading edges, cavities which measure 50 x 20 mm and are 10 to 15 mm deep are found. The outer surface in the lower rim is practically intact. 2 Silt Erosion of Hydro-turbines The section deals with some special features in the erosion of certain components comprising the flow-passage portion in hydro-turbines that define the energy quality of these turbines.

The erosion indicator to be chosen is selected due to operational conditions and the problems that should be solved by making use of field measurements. The erosion rate is generally defined by estimation of the erosion per unit of time. In accordance with the erosion index chosen, the expressions used in practice are as follows: T S h =J T >' V Iy = J r ; AG IG = — (125) The limits of failure to be developed within the flow-passage portion of, for instance, pumps and caused by cavitation, sediment matter or cavitationalabrasive effect are functions of: 1) the standard size of pumps (parameters ns, Q); 2) the materials used to fabricate the components composing the flowpassage portion of a device; 3) the specification of water-power stations and a water flow (chart of water delivery, availability and composition of pumps); 4) the duration of the interrepair period of operation.

The results illustrating the dependence of the erosion rate in the specimens on the flow velocity are obtained. The chart presents a theoretical curve stating the cubed relationship between the erosion and velocity (for steel IXI8H9T). e. the erosion is proportional to the velocity, which is powered higher than the 3rd power. Therefore, with an increase of the velocity the exponent of the power slightly rises. This accounts, probable, for the fact that the length of a particle free travel become shorter, and a particle collides with the specimens more frequently.

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