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By Hasegawa F., Hashima M., Kanda Sh.

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In addition, a fluid at its critical pressure, Pc , and critical temperature, Tc , satisfies ∂P ∂V = T ∂ 2P ∂V 2 = 0. 2) T Application of Eq. 2 to Eq. 1 gives expressions for ai and bi in terms of the critical properties: ai = bi = 27R2 Tci2 , 64Pci RTci . 4) Eq. 1 is written for a pure component, but it can be applied to a mixture if suitable average values, amj and bmj , can be calculated for the j th phase, for example. 6) i=1 nc bmj = i=1 where xij is the mole fraction of component i in phase j, and ai , and bi are the attraction and repulsion parameters for component i.

The fundamental idea of all thermodynamics is that energy is conserved. ) are also determined. In other words, the state of a mixture of given composition is fixed by setting its temperature and pressure. 21 22 CHAPTER 3. CALCULATION OF PHASE EQUILIBRIUM Internal energy, U , is one thermodynamic property that is set when the temperature, pressure and composition of a mixture is specified. It represents the energy associated with molecular motions and vibrations. 1) Heat that is transferred to or from a system, Q, is not a state function, but Q/T is, so it is convenient to define that state function as the entropy, dS = Q/T .

Fig. 2 indicates that more than one composition can have a given wave velocity, a fact that will have important implications for the construction of solutions. The behavior of characteristics is commonly plotted on t-x (or in this case, τ -ξ) diagrams. Fig. 05). They emanate from the τ = 0 axis for ξ > 0, and they all have the same unit slope, because the initial composition is a constant value in the single-phase region. For compositions in the single-phase region, differentiation of Eq. 4 according to Eq.

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