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By Lawrence Durrell

Durrell’s striking memoir of his religious trip with famed Taoist thinker JolanChang

Beginning with their first assembly over lunch at Lawrence Durrell’s Provencal domestic, Durrell and Jolan Chang—renowned Taoist thinker and professional on japanese sexuality—developed an everlasting dating in line with mutual religious exploration. Durrell’s autobiographical rumination on their friendship and on Taoism recounts the author’s existential ponderings, beginning together with his creation to the magical and enigmatic “smile within the mind’s eye.” From parsimony, cooking, and yoga to poetry, Petrarch, and Nietzche, a grin within the Mind’s Eye is an enthralling story of a writer’s non secular and philosophical awakening.

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As we walked along that walkway with seagulls flying all around us and the waves of the vast ocean melodiously lapping gently close to our feet, I was poetically transported to fairyland. In such a state one could soar with the seagulls and to dive down with the beams of sparkling sunlight as they penetrated the waves and danced with the foam. org world and he just kept on asking a thousand and one questions. May Allah bless dear Maulānā Daūd. Amīn! And that was not my only problem. The Imām had very long legs, and I was beside myself with difficulty in trying to keep up with him as he strode so briskly along an enchanting walkway that was meant for a dream of a walk.

And so I flew from Johannesburg to Cape Town and then to Durban before returning to Johannesburg with tickets that cost a grand total of just US$100. My first stop was beautiful Cape Town, a city which I had visited on several previous occasions. Although I lived as a student in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1974 to 1979, and although Switzerland was surely blessed by Allah Most High with extraordinary natural beauty, I still considered Cape Town to be the most beautiful city I had ever seen. If ever I were to make a second home after my native Trinidad it would surely be Cape Town.

He had come in the form of a human being and had posed five questions to the blessed Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). The one-hour lecture was recorded on a newly purchased video recorder and Abu Bakr found the instrument to be still so strange that the first few minutes of the lecture were not recorded. , my last day in Cape Town, I sat with the group in the corner of Masjid Habibia after the Salāt al-Fajr and struggled to quench their enormous thirst for knowledge of the subject of ‘Signs of the Last Day’.

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