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They all took cover in various doorways. Andrew fired off a couple shots, forcing the Ravens to likewise take cover. He glared at Noah. “I can take care of myself, but not if I have to worry about you two. ” “Pack stays together,” Noah argued, reciting the phrase his buddy, Ranger had told him many times over. Andrew rolled his eyes. ” “It still applies to me,” Noah persisted. “Me, too,” Keegan added. He glanced down at his firearm and frowned, shaking it as if there were a faulty part in it.

Come on, do we really want to fight this out with all these innocent bystanders? One of the humans might end up getting hurt in the process. ” “That comment was a bit redundant,” Keegan pointed out in a low tone that only Noah could hear. Noah looked around at the numerous shoppers, his stomach dropping in dread. Liam may be a homicidal jackass, but he did have a very valid point. If they did start fighting, someone could get hurt or worse. Noah didn’t know if he could live with that on his conscience.

Andrew smiled. Noah jumped in fear right before his body took over and shifted back. He quickly scrambled to his feet and offered a feeble wave. One SWAT member let out a loud groan before he lowered his weapon. “Fucking shifters! ” the human commander screamed, his red face inches from Mitchell’s nose. As ordered, Noah sat on the couch, wedged in between Keegan and Andrew. They hadn’t even had a chance to clean up or see to Andrew’s wounds, instead immediately being summoned to their older brother’s office.

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