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By Gerry Duggan

IT'S excessive midday IN TIMELY!

Will justice stand tall, or die within the street?

Timid Dr. Banner comes out of his shell.

Red Wolf's destiny is eventually revealed...

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In order to secure his attention during an audience, a minister had to incorporate as many anecdotes as possible into a report. ” The tsar also presided over the Romanov family—several dozen haughty individuals, each extremely wealthy and full of self-importance. Some he could command, some he could ignore, and some he still obeyed. All of the Romanovs were part of a greater European royal family. The most notorious relative was Kaiser Wilhelm. Wilhelm was a grandchild of Queen Victoria, as was the tsar’s wife.

The next day, seeking revenge, the Russian squadron left the base to face Togo’s fleet. A long-range artillery duel ensued. The Japanese losses were minor; several Russian ships were hit badly. In anguish and THE TSAR’S LAST ARMADA 33 anger, the Russians headed back for their base. The temptation for Togo to finish the enemy then and there must have been very strong, but this would have meant fighting at close quarters, and the admiral was still apprehensive about his adversary’s guns. Demonstrating wisdom and a cool head, Togo turned back.

Among his exploits was the occupation of the Pescadore Islands in the middle of the Formosa Channel and of Formosa itself. He was noticed and promoted. By the time he became rear admiral, he had acquired the awe of subordinates, rheumatism, an amazing ability to endure physical pain, and a good reputation with his superiors, but not fame. This was to come later, with the war against Russia. Togo had set off for Port Arthur several days before the war. On the way, his fleet captured a Russian merchantman, named the Russia.

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