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Beating the Caro-Kann

Taking part in Black opposed to Vassilios Kotronias is each Caro-Kann player's worst nightmare. during this e-book Kotronias, the 1st Greek grandmaster, explains the workings of his most well-liked approach opposed to the Caro-Kann. His resolution is the development version which has been a favorite of gamers akin to Tal, Van der Wiel, Timman, Nunn, Anand and brief in addition to Kotronias.

Win at Chess: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning Chess for the Intermediate Player

The most effective easy books on chess which has been plublished-3rd printing. This booklet is geered towards the intermediate participant. An intermeditate chessplayer wishes info and suggestions that's trustworthy, functional, transparent, and well-organized. The entire, Master-proven rules and strategies during this ebook will increase your chess video games and assist you growth towards chess mastery.

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Xh7. Bb7-d5 d4-d3 BdS-c4 2 5 Qg7xc7 26 Qc7xeS 27 QeS-e3 Other lines don't save him either. 28 29 30 31 32 b2-b3 f2-f3 Qe3-c;l2 b3xc4 Kgl·f2 Rf8-f7 Rf7-d7 e6-e 5 b5xc4 Ke8-f7 On 32 . . xd7+ and 3 6 Ke2. Th e 3J Kf2-e3 Kf7-e6 34 Qd2-b4 35 Ke3·d2 36 a2-a4 Rd7-c7 Rc7-c6 Black rengned. · story behind this game is the clear evidence it gives of the importance 46 research work for the chessplayer seeking a successful career. The triumph the analytical movement, which formed in the ' 3 0's and '40's, was precise­ ly what earned the Soviet masters the acclaim of chessplayers the world over.

But to my surprise, Euwe unexpectedly said that he would like to play a little longer. I was angered ; my fighting spirit immediately returned. "Fine," I said, "let's play on, then . " Euwe felt the change in the atmosphere, and extended his hand to congratulate me on winning the tournament. Draw ! The excitement and noise in the hall were indescribable. Play on the other boards ceased for several minutes, while chief arbiter Milan Vidmar quieted the spectators. Meanwhile, my friends took me away to celebrate my victory.

O 8 Bcl-a3 b7-b6 Trading bishops here (8 Bxa 3 ) would only expedite White's maneuver Nb l xa 3-c2-b4 (or e l ) -d3, as was played as long ago as my game with Ragozin (XI USSR Otampionship, Leningrad 1 9 3 9 ). •. 9 Ba3xe7 Qd8xe7 r n Nf3-e5 Bc8-b7 Nb8-d7 Nf6xd7 1 1 Nbl-d2 12 Ne5xd7 13 e2-e 3 If Black's pawn were on f7, the game would be even ; but here, despite all the foregoing simplifications, White maintains a small positional advantage precisely because that pawn is on fS : the weakness at e5 may count.

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