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3 of this book. 5 Design for Sustainability (DfS) The main goal of design for sustainability is sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development was introduced and promoted by the report “Our Common Future” as a common aim for the whole world (Brundtland, 1987). ” Even though sustainability is widely accepted as a general goal, nowadays it is interpreted in various ways that can be distinguished by their relative emphasis on economic, social, and ecological aspects. In order to understand and manage the sustainability concept more transparently, Elkington (1998) developed the framework of the “triple bottom line” comprising the three sustainability components of economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social justice, which further were developed into economy, environment, and social equity.

L. (2002) The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid. StrategyþBusiness, 26 (first quarter), 2–14. V. and Heijndermans, E. (2003) Energy, Poverty and Gender, A Synthesis, World Bank, Washington, DC. , Pramusito, Sudradjat, A. et al. (1999) Sukatani revisited: On the performance of nine year old solar home systems and street lighting systems in Indonesia. Renew. Sustainable Energy Reviews, 3, 1–47. REN21 (2011) Renewables 2011 Global Status Report, REN21 Secretariat, Paris. M. and Eekels, J. (1998) Productontwerpen, Structuur en Methoden, Lemma, Utrecht.

The main assumption regarding smart grids is that the electricity sector will significantly become more sustainable over the next 10 years by the use of information and communications technology (ICT), renewable energy systems, and feedback on energy consumption for end users (IEA, 2011). 3 Different lighting products based on sustainable technologies, right: Virtue of Blue by DeMakersVan (2010) (See Plate 2 for the colour figure) concept covers various aspects: (1) the distribution infrastructure (low and medium voltage), (2) distributed electricity generation, (3) energy management, (4) demand-side management among consumers, and possibly (5) energy storage.

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